Drafting Process Implementations:

*Collaborative IO Whitelisted As Service Provider

  1. benefit in-house wallet managed access by login to email specific to company and/or pseudo on occasion if distinction [Please see “Adaptable MX”]
  2. benefit is in-house wallet managed access can establish choice 2 step authentication for priorities [Please see “Device Agreement”]
  3. risk delete account cannot be undone however in this manner wallet may continue to exist, more testing required.
  4. designates layer between working funds for service provider in-house pool and the collaborative managed this makes a capable security layer with a requisite authentication whereby the transition will provide identifiable blockchain transaction.

* Prospect client purchases a package that grants collaborative permissions

  1. Transaction is confirmed, operator initiates #dw-implementation.
  2. Prospect client account status detail is communicated and by chosen method claimed by that party.
  3. Once claimed account permission can be explored by client and qued for collaborative rewards, psc io perspective package benefits, collaborative unique tools and resources, more……